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• A Heavy-Duty Machine Construction

• One piece cast iron base provides extra rigidity and 

   minimizes vibration.

• Precision linear slides with ball screws.

• One-shot lubrication to all moving parts.

• Independently variable-speed spindles for precision tuning of the trueing process.

• 17” Flat screen monitor.

• Dressing unit pivots on (2) pairs of precision angular contact bearings.

• Control panel with touch screen.

• Auto-in feed is equipped with servo-motor; the total in feed and in feed speed, one in feed with one or several oscillations can be preset.

• Auto-Swivelling is equipped with servo-motor; the total in feed and in feed speed, each in feed with both end swivelling can be preset.

ExVision Software Features:

• The HSK500 Diamond/CBN wheel trueing and dressing machine can be equipped with ExVision -a computer-driven vision system with a software program specifically designed for the HSK500 and its various applications. ExVision is user-friendly, and contains easy-to-use menus for selecting standard  as well as user-customized wheel shapes. Included are menus for drawing lines, arcs and basic, as well as complex forms. This system is easy for everyone to use, including those not familiar with CAD functions. 

• ExVision allows operators to create unique wheel forms to their specifications, and save them within the program for future use. 

• The customized video software platform makes high-tolerance trueing and dressing easier than ever before! In addition to the auto-zoom capabilities, this system allows magnification levels from 15x to 60x as standard; and, an optional high magnification system that allows from 30x to 120x - giving the benefit of true continuous in-process optical inspection while you work.

• With ExVision, trueing a standard or unique wheel shape is as easy as selecting from a menu, entering the given parameters, and trueing to the line on the screen-it’s just that simple! You can also import drawings from CAD right into ExVision and start trueing to a print.

• In addition to standard drill forms, ExVision also works with flute form calculation software. Just input the values from a report and ExVision will automatically produce the form on the screen-just as easy as trueing a drill form.

Max Diameter Of Diamond / CBN Wheel


Mix Diameter Of Diamond / CBN Wheel


Max Diamond / CBN Wheel Width


Diamond / CBN Wheel Speed

100-1000rpm (Infinitely variable)

Diamond / CBN Wheel Motor Power

1.5kw (2hp)  

Diamond / CBN Wheel Cross Travel


Diamond / CBN Wheel Longitudinal Travel


Diamond / CBN Wheel Radius


Trueing / Dressing Wheel Dimensions


Trueing / Dressing Wheel Speed

200-2000rpm (Infinitely variable)

Trueing / Dressing Wheel Oscillation Frequency

0-50 strokes/minute (Infinitely variable)

Trueing / Dressing Wheel Oscillation Stroke


Trueing / Dressing Wheel Motor Power


B-Axis Motor 

AC Servomotor




• High resolution B/W camera with zoom lens and preset magnifications (15x, 30x, & 60x).

 • Automatic power zooming control system.

• Video overlay (CAD generated drawing overlaid on live video image).

• Onboard PC with Windows operating system and 17”  display monitor.

• ExVision software program.

• Optical linear scales with digital display counter (.0001”  increment) X, Y axis.

• Operation Manual and Parts List




  Dust collection system.

  Auto-in feed (per in feed from 0.001 mm~0.1 mm)

  Auto-swivelling (0~80˚/ sec)

  Higher magnification zoom lens (30X, 60X, 120X)


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