Internal Grinding Machine

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Model IG-1500
Grinding Range 6-150mm
Max. Grinding Depth 150mm
Max Clamping Length 150mm
Swing over Table 520mm
Swing in Chuck Guard 320mm
Spindle speed 0-800rpm
X-Axis Minimum Increment 0.0001
Workhead Swivel +13 to -5deg.
Max. Table Speed Z-Axis 9m/min
Max. Table Travers 540mm
Z-Axis Minimum Stroke 10-14mm
X-Axis Minimum Stroke 0.001mm
Height from Wheel Spindle to Floor 1180mm
Capacity of Hydraulic Tank 90l
Capacity of Coolant Tank 90l
Hydraulic Pump 1.5kw (2hp)
Coolant Pump 0.187kw (0.25hp)
Grinding Wheel Motor 1.5kw (2hp)
Workhead Motor 0.75kw (1hp)
Machine Dimensions 2600x1800x1400mm
Machine Weight 2200kg

• Hydraulic Driven Automatic Infeed
• Hydraulic Lubrication Features Low Friction Coefficiency
and is Pretensioned for increased Rigidity and High Position
• Tapered Roller Bearing in Wheelhead Handles both Axial
and Radial Loads to Maintain the Stability of High Precision
during High Speed Rotation

• Inverter for Workhead
• Coolant
• Work Lamp
• Automatic Lubrication
• Automatic Belt Tension Unit
• Hydraulic Dresser Holder
• ID Spindle
• Diamond Dresser
• Hydraulic Tank
• Operation Manual and Parts List
• Toolbox

• Paper Filter
• Magnetic Coolant Seperator
• Soft Jaw Machining Attachment
• Face Grinding Attachment
• Oil Mist ID Spindle Lubricator
• Hydraulic Oil Cooler
• Scroll 3-Jaw Chuck with Backplate
• Scroll 4-Jaw Chuck with Backplate
• Hydraulic 3-Jaw Chuck
• Rotary Cylinder
• Pneumatic Chuck