Quark DRO Systems – 2 or 3 Axis

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Quark Digital Readout systems are designed to be used on all types of machine tools: Lathes, Mills and grinders.  They can be retro-fitted to a wide range of machine tools and measuring applications.

The glass linear scale encoders are manufactured to a high standard to provide the user with a reliable accurate  reading. Quark provides the solution for workspace requiring high resolution in their work and a high level of repeatability.



• Radius/diameter setting

• Full function calculator

• Clear/return to zero

• Metric/imperial

• Linear error correction

• Power down memory

• 99 auxiliary groups

• Simpe R function

• PCD function

• Shrinkage compensation

• Preset number

• Recall

• Absolute/relative coordinates

• Half function

• Arc R function

• Slant function

• 99 groups of tool compensation settings