Radial Drilling Machine G80x2500

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Model G80x2500
Drilling Mild Steel 80mm
Drilling Cast Iron 100mm
Tapping Mild Steel M36
Tapping Cast Iron M40
Spindle Taper MT6
Distance from Spindle to Column (min/max) 500/2500mm
Distance from Spindle to Base (min/max) 550/2000mm
Rotation Arm Around Column ±180º
Vertical Travel of Arm 1450mm
Size of Box Table 1000x800x560mm
Number and Size of T Slots on Table 7/22mm
Distance Between T Slots 150mm
Max. Spindle Traverse (hand/power) 450mm
Number of Spindle Speeds 16
Range of Spindle Speeds 16-1250mm
Number of Feed Rates 16
Range of Power Feed Rates 0.04-3.2mm/r
Base Size Overall 3530x1400mm
Base Working Surface 2455x1220mm
Number and Size of T Slots on Base 4/28mm
Distance Between T Slots 276mm
Column Diameter 550mm
Main Motor Power 7.5kW(10.05hp)
Coolant Motor Power 0.125kW(0.17hp)
Table Elevation Motor Power 3kW(4hp)
Clamping/Hydraulic Motor 0.75kW(1hp)
Overall Height 3825mm
Footprint (LxW) 3730x1400mm
Net Weight 11000kg



  • DC Injection Brake
  • T Slotted Box Table
  • Coolant System
  • Low Volt Work Light
  • Full Hydraulic Clamping
  • Ground and Hardened Guideways
  • Arm Elevation via Screw and Motor
  • Hydraulic Gear Selection

Standard Accessories

  • Fixing Bolts
  • Reducing Sleeves
  • Manual and Parts List

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