Saw Blade Sharpening Machine - BS450

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Model BS450
Saw Blade Diameter 65-450mm
Tooth Pitch max. 25mm
Saw Blade Thickness 8mm
Sharpening Speed 80-160t/m
Cutting Angle 0-30°
Grinding Wheel Dimensions 70-150mm
Grinding Wheel Speed 50HZ/60HZ 3,800/4,500rpm
Grinding Wheel Motor 0.25kw (1/3hp)
Transmission Motor 0.4kw (1/2hp)
Dimensions 970x710x1510mm
Weight 177kg

• Floor Type Model
• Easy Operation
• Applicable for Straight teeth and Circular Arc Teeth
• Capable of Sharpening High-Low Teeth
• Adjustment of Sawblade Thickness by Precision Graduator
• Variable Speed Two Speed Motor
• Magnifying Work Lamp
• Tool Box
• Indexing Plates (2pc)
• Grinding Wheels (5pc)
• Operation Manual

• Grinding Wheels
• Indexing Plates
• Saw Blade Thickness Clamping Seat
• (For Grinding 30mm dia.)