Variable Speed Radial Drilling Machine G80 x 2500VS

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Drilling Mild Steel 80mm
Drilling Cast Iron 105mm
Tapping Mild Steel 52mm
Tapping Cast Iron 60mm
Spindle Taper MT6
Distance from Spindle to Column (Min/Max) 450-2550mm
Distance from Spindle to Base (Min/Max) 400-1620mm
Rotation Arm around Column ±180°
Tilting Angle of Drilling Head None
Vertical Travel of Arm 1220mm
Size of Box Table 850x580x500mm
Number and Size of T Slots on Table 5/22mm
Distance between T Slots 150mm
Maximum Spindle Traverse (Hand/Power) 400mm
Number of Spindle Speeds Stepless
Range of Spindle Speeds 30-220rpm; 192-1400rpm
Number of Feed Rates 8
Range of Power Feed Rates 0.06-1.38mm/r
Base Size Overall 2900x1250x280mm
Base Working Surface 2600x1230mm
Number and Size of T Slots on Base 4/28mm
Distance between T Slots 250mm
Column Diameter 450mm
Main Motor Power 7.5kW (10.05Hp)
Coolant Pump Motor 0.18kW (0.24Hp)
Table Elevation Motor 2.2kW (3.08Hp)
Clamping/Hydraulic Motor 1.1kW (1.47Hp)
Overall Height 3530mm
Footprint (LxW) 3590x1250mm
Net Weight 7400Kg
Gross Weight 7600Kg
Case Dimensions 3760x1400x2260mm

• D.C. Injection Brake

• ’T’ Slotted Box Table

• Coolant System

• Low-Volt Work Light

• Ground and Hardened Guideways

• Arm Elevation via Screw and Motor

• Full Hydraulic Clamping

• Variable Speed Spindle with Inverter Drive

• High/Low Gears Give High Drilling Torque

• Clamping of Column, Arm and Drilling Head

Can Be Simultaneous or Separate

• Pressurised Lubrication

• Work Light

• Coolant System

• Box Work Table

• Fixing Bolts

• Reducing Sleeves

• D.C. Brake

• Manual and Parts List



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