The Vanguard milling machine is one of our Astra range of Premium Quality machines. The Vanguard milling machine is a neat, compact, heavy duty design with a good capacity and working area. The machine has a gear driven power feed table, swivel table for universal milling and one shot lubrication to guideways. The machine is fitted with a 3 axis DRO system as standard.

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• Gear Driven Power Feed Table

• Heavy Duty Compact Design

• One Shot Lubrication to Guideways

• Swivel Table

• 3 Axis Digital Readout

Working Surface  1050x240mm
T-Slots,Number and Size 3x16mm
T-Slots Centres 56mm
Longitudinal Travel 560mm
Cross Travel 300mm
Vertical Travel  420mm
Load Capacity  300kg
Table  Swivel  Degree 45°
Spindle (Vertical)
Spindle Taper NT40 (ISO40)
Number of Speeds 6
Speed Range  108-1470rpm at 60hz
Spindle Centre to Column  230mm
Spindle to Table  0~410mm
Quill Travel N/A
Drawbar 5/8″ or M16
Milling and Drilling Capacity in Steel (S235JR) – Vertical
End Milling Capacity 9mm
Vertical Milling Capacity (for face milling) 152mm for 1.5mm
Tapping Capacity N/A
Drilling Capacity 14 mm
Spindle Taper NT40
Number of Speeds 6
Speed Range  90-1225rpm at 50Hz
Quill Travel  n/a
Spindle to Table  0-320mm
Spindle to Overarm 120mm
Drawbar 5/8″ or M16
Milling and Drilling Capacity in Steel (S235JR) – Horizontal
End Milling Capacity 9 mm
Horizontal Milling Capacity (FOR FACE MILLING) 152mm for 1.5mm
Tapping Capacity n/a
Drilling Capacity 14mm
Feed Rates
Number of Feeds 6 steps
Longitudinal 17-205rpm at 50hz
Cross  0-160rpm (by PF)
Vertical 0-160rpm (by PF)
Rapids Longitudinal 2056rpm at 60Hz
Rapid Cross  160rpm (by PF)
Rapid Vertical 160prm (by PF)
Spindle Drive Motor 2.2kw (3hp)
Feed Motor 0.74kw (1hp)
Coolant Motor 0.09kw (1/8hp)
Weight and Dimensions
Overall Dimensions 1400x1300x1850mm
Net Weight  1200kg


• 3 Axis Digital Readout

• 3 Axis Power Feed 

• Horizontal Arbor Support

• Work Lamp

• Coolant System

• Table Guard

• Manual & Parts List

• Toolbox

• Vertical Head



• Standard Swivel Base Vice

• Super Open Milling Vice

• Clamp Kit

• Dividing Head

• Rotary Table

• Dividing Plates

• Drill Chuck

• 3 Jaw Chuck for Dividing Head

• Milling Collet Chuck Set

• Boring Head

• Drill Chuck

• Reducing sleeve Set

• Combination Shell End Mill Arbors

• Long Milling Arbors

• Angle Plate


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