Blum TC-63RG • TC64RG Roughness Gauge

Tactile workpiece measuring system with BRC radio transmission

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Roughness gauges for machine-integrated quality monitoring of surfaces

• Evaluation of surface roughness in original fixturing

• Early detection of poor surface quality

• Roughness measurement on milling, turning and grinding machines


Your benefit:

• Minimizing of rejects by allowing immediate rework

• Enhanced productivity and process reliability by elimination of manual and downstream tests

• Superior precision due to patented shark360 measuring mechanism

• No-wear, optoelectronic measuring mechanism

• Use of up to 6 measuring systems with one receiver

• Proven and robust design

Measuring Resolution TC-63/64RG
Stylus 40 mm
Analogue measuring range 550 μm
Resolution | Converter resolution 12.3 mV/μm * | 0.2 μm/Digit
Sampling rate internal | external 1 kHz | 1 ms/Value or Status


Technical Data TC-63/64RG
Protection class IP68
Approach direction | Measuring force ±X, ±Y | 0.35 N ** / 2 N
Max. deflection in XY | Z ±11° | 6 mm
Max. probing speed 2 m/min
Repeatability 0.4 μm 2σ
Measureable roughness >Rz2μm
Roughness parameters Ra, Rq, Rt, Rz, Rmax, Wt
Signal transmission | Frequency band Radio (BRC Technology) | 2.4000 – 2.4835 GHz
Transmission power | Operating range 0 dBm | 15 m
Tool holder BTH 25 (HSK, SK, BT, VDI, …)

* X-Axis ** Stylus L= 40 mm

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