The Chester SH32/32Y & 42/42Y feature main and sub-spindles combined with comprehensive tooling systems designed with high efficiency and multi-tasking features.

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The Chester SH32 and 42 Series of turning machines integrate a sliding head and sliding tool in one single machine.

These machines are constructed around three Axis (X,Y & Z) in combination with powered tool functions, it allows for turning, milling, drilling and tapping operations with only one setup. 

The main spindle and sub-spindle machine synchronise, saving time for primary and secondary machining whilst ensuring higher accuracy for components.

Model SH32 SH32Y SH42 SH42Y 
Main Spindle Max. Turning Diameter 32mm 32mm 42mm 42mm
Sub Spindle Max.Turning Diameter 32mm 32mm 42mm 42mm
Max.Turning Length(Rotating Bush) 310mm 310mm 310mm 310mm
Max.Turning Length(Non Bush) 105mm 105mm 105mm 105mm
Max.Turning Length(Fixed Bush) 350mm 350mm 350mm 350mm
Main Spindle Max. Drilling/Tapping Capacity 10/M8mm 10/M8mm 10/M8mm 10/M8mm
Sub Spindle Max. Drilling/Tapping Capacity 10/M6mm 10/M6mm 10/M6mm 10/M6mm
O.D Tool Holder 6(16mm)/5(20mm) 6(16mm)/5(20mm) 6(16mm)/5(20mm) 6(16mm)/5(20mm)
IDTool Holder 5/25mm 5/25mm 5/25mm 5/25mm
S1 Cross Live Tool Holder 6pcs(ER-16×2&ER-20×4) 6pcs(ER-16×2&ER-20×4) 6pcs(ER-16×2&ER-20×4) 6pcs(ER-16×2&ER-20×4)
Sub Spindle Face Live Tool Holder 4pcs 8pcs 4pcs 8pcs
Control Axis(With C Axis) 7pcs 8pcs 7pcs 8pcs
Main/Sub Spindle Bore 34mm 34mm 44mm 44mm
Main/Sub Spindle Max.Speed 7000rpm 7000rpm 6000rpm 6000rpm
X1/Z1/Y1/X2/Z2/Y2-Axis Rapid Traverse 24m/min 24m/min 24m/min 24m/min
S1 Cross Drilling Max.Speed 4000rpm 4000rpm 4000rpm 4000rpm
S1 Cross Driven Motor 1.6kw(2.18hp) 1.6kw(2.18hp) 1.6kw(2.18hp) 1.6kw(2.18hp)
S2 Face Driven Motor 0.75kw(1.02hp) 0.75kw(1.02hp) 0.75kw(1.02hp) 0.75kw(1.02hp)
S2 Face Drilling Max.Speed 4000rpm 4000rpm 4000rpm 4000rpm
Main Spindle Motor 5.5/7.5kw(7.48/10.2hp) 5.5/7.5kw(7.48/10.2hp) 5.5/7.5kw(7.48/10.2hp) 5.5/7.5kw(7.48/10.2hp)
Sub Spindle Motor 5.5/7.5kw(7.48/10.2hp) 5.5/7.5kw(7.48/10.2hp) 5.5/7.5kw(7.48/10.2hp) 5.5/7.5kw(7.48/10.2hp)
X1/Z1/Y1Motor 1.4kw(1.90hp) 1.4kw(1.90hp) 1.4kw(1.90hp) 1.4kw(1.90hp)
X2/Z2 Motor 0.75kw(1.02hp) 0.75kw(1.02hp) 0.75kw(1.02hp) 0.75kw(1.02hp)
Y2 Motor n/a 0.75kw(1.02hp) n/a 0.75kw(1.02hp)
Coolant Pump 1.29kw(1.75hp) 1.29kw(1.75hp) 1.29kw(1.75hp) 1.29kw(1.75hp)
Power Requirements 30KVA 30KVA 30KVA 30KVA
Lubrication Capacity 2L 2L 2L 2L
Coolant Tank Capacity 250L(100%) 250L(100%) 250L(100%) 250L(100%)
Machine Dimensions(Lxwxh) 3106x1690x2100mm 3106x1690x2100mm 3106x1690x2100mm 3106x1690x2100mm
Net Weight 4900kgs 4920kgs 4900kgs 4920kgs



• FANUC 32i Controller

• External Tool Holder(6 Tools)

• Inner Tool Holder(5 Tools)

• Cross Drilling Tool Holder(6 Tools)

• Parts Catcher and Conveyor

• Tool &Toolbox

• Lighting Device

• Fixed Guide Bushing Holder

• Main Spindle Servo Motor

• Main Spindle With C-Axis Function

• Cutting Coolant

• Cutting Coolant Inspection (Electronic Type)

• Cut-off Inspection

• Lubrication Device

• Sub-Spindle with C-Axis Function

• Sub-spindle

• Face Drilling/Milling Tool Holder(4 Tools) for Sub-Spindle (20 Only)

• Face Drilling/Milling Tool Holder(8 Tools)

• For Sub-Spindle(20Y only)

• Y2-Axis(20Y only)

• Fixed Tool Holder(Sub-Spindle)

• Rotary Tool Holder( Sub-Spindle)

• 3-Position O.D. Tool Holder(Sub-Spindle)

• Chuck Gripper

• Machining Room With Safety Lock

• Guide Bush

• Spindle Collet Chuck

• Operation Manual

• Nc Control Operation Manual

• Nc Control Maintenance Manual

• Cutting Oil Cooler

• Main And Sub-spindle Oil Cooling System Transformer



• ER16 M2 Double Side Inner Tool Holder

• Simultaneous Rotary Guide Bush Holder

• Non Guide Bush Holder

• Long Parts Catcher

• Chip Conveyor&Cart

• ER 16/20 Collet Set

• Cutting Oil Chiller

• Stationary Drilling Tool Holder(Sub-Spindle)

• Rotary Drilling Tool Holder(Sub-Spindle)

• Thread Whirling Uit(without Insets and Insert Holder)

• Power Driven Saw Unit

• 3-Position Eccentric Tool Holder(Main and Sub-Spindle)

• 3-Position Angle Drilling Tool Holder (Manual)

• 1-Positon Cross Live Tool Holder (Sub-Spindle)

• O.D. Tool Holder(Sub-Spindle)

• Shortened Type 16 Id Tool Holder (Sub-Spindle)

• 16 Id Tool Holder(Sub-Spindle)

• Extended Id Tool Holder For Sub-Spindle(16,1-2)

• Extended Tool Holder 16

• Oil Mist Collector

• High Pressure Coolant System 15/50/100 Bars(With Sub-Coolant Tank)

• Hydraulic Bar Feeder Vito-42 /3M Or 2M Hydraulic Chuck For Sub-Spindle

• Voltage Stabilizer

• ER16 Collect Chuck Shank25X100L

• Extra 10 Sets M Codes

• Sub-spindle Hydraulic System

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