Power and precision to machine heavy-duty jobs.

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• Dynamically Balanced Spindle

• Hardened and  Ground Guideways

• Low Spindle  Speeds

• Large Spindle  Bore

• Motorised Saddle

• Heavy Duty  Construction

• Gap Bed

• Forward/Reverse Clutch

Model 630 830 1030 1230 1430
Centre Height  315mm 415mm 515mm 615mm 715mm
Swing over Bed  620mm 830mm 1030mm 1230mm 1430mm
Distance Between Centres 1000,1500,2000,3000,4500,6000mm
Swing over Carriage  350mm 550mm 700mm 900mm 1100mm
Swing over Cross Slide  350mm 550mm 700mm 900mm 1100mm
Swing in Gap  800mm 1000mm 1200mm 1400mm 1600mm
Gap Length in Front of Face Plate 300mm 300mm 380mm 380mm 380mm
Cross Slide Travel  480mm 480mm 615mm 615mm 715mm
Top Slide Travel  225mm 225mm 225mm 225mm 300mm
Width 550mm 550mm 610mm 610mm 610mm
Spindle Nose Metric 120(105mm)/Metric 140(130mm)
Spindle Bore  105,130mm 105,130mm 105,130mm 105,130mm 105,130mm
Taper Reduction in Sleeve D11 D11 D11 D11 D11
Number of Spindle Speed Ranges 18 18 18 18 18
Range of Spindle Speeds  10-800rpm 10-800rpm 10-800rpm 10-800rpm 7-576rpm
Quill Travel  260mm 260mm 260mm 260mm 260mm
Quill Internal Taper MT5 MT5 MT6 MT6 MT6
Feeds Range and Gearbox
Longitudinal Feeds  0.07-16.72mm/r 0.07-16.72mm/r 0.07-16.72mm/r 0.07-16.72mm/r 0.07-16.72mm/r
Cross Feeds  0.04-9.6mm/r 0.04-9.6mm/r 0.04-9.6mm/r 0.04-9.6mm/r 0.04-9.6mm/r
Metric Threads  1-240mm/53kinds 1-240mm/53kinds 1-240mm/53kinds 1-240mm/53kinds 1-240mm/53kinds
Imperial Threads  30-2 t.p.i/31kinds 30-2 t.p.i/31kinds 30-2 t.p.i/31kinds 30-2 t.p.i/31kinds 30-2 t.p.i/31kinds
Module Threads 0.25-60mm/47kinds 0.25-60mm/47kinds 0.25-60mm/47kinds 0.25-60mm/47kinds 0.25-60mm/47kinds
Diametrical Threads  60-1/2t.p.i/47kinds 60-1/2t.p.i/47kinds 60-1/2t.p.i/47kinds 60-1/2t.p.i/47kinds 60-1/2t.p.i/47kinds
Main Motor  11kw(14.74hp) 11kw(14.74hp) 11kw(14.74hp) 11kw(14.74hp) 11kw(14.74hp)
Coolant Pump Motor  0.15kw(0.2hp) 0.15kw(0.2hp) 0.15kw(0.2hp) 0.15kw(0.2hp) 0.15kw(0.2hp)

• Digital Readout (Up to 3000mm)  

• 3-Jaw Chuck

• 4-Jaw Chuck

• Fixed Steady

• Travelling Steady

• Coolant System

• Lamp


• Taper Turning Attachment

• Bigger Bore (130mm)

• Quick Change Tool Post

• Chasing Dial

• Live Centre 

• Face Plate


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