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Model  IWT40 IWT45 IWT60 IWT55
Diameter x max.Thickness  20x15mm 22x15mm 28x15mm 20x20mm
Diameter x Thickness  30x10mm 38x8mm 38x11mm 40x10mm
Max.diamterxThickness 38x8mm 100x3mm 110x3mm 100x3mm
Stroke 50mm 50mm 55mm 60mm
Stroke Count in(20mm) 20 20 25 25
Throat Depth 175mm 175mm 220mm 255mm
Working Height 970mm 935mm 955mm 1030mm
Steel Bar Shearing
Round/Square 30/25mm 30/25mm 40/35mm 40/40mm
Angle Shearing
Angle Section(90°) 80x80x8mm 100x100x10mm 120x120x12mm 120x120x12mm
Angle Section(45°) 50x6mm 70x6mm 80x8mm 70x10mm
Working Height 1110mm 1140mm 1155mm 1130mm
Sheet Metal Shear
Sheet Metal 200x13mm 200x15mm 200x20mm 200x20mm
Sheet Metal 300x6mm 300x12mm 300x15mm 300x15mm
Blade Length 356mm 316mm 317mm 317mm
Shearing with Angle 80x10mm 80x10mm 80x10mm 80x15mm
Working Height 980mm 935mm 955mm 900mm
Thickness n/a 8mm 10mm 10mm
Width n/a 35mm 42mm 45mm
Depth n/a 75mm 100mm 90mm
Working Height n/a 935mm 955mm 900mm
Optional Tools
U-I Sectopm Blade(for UPN-IPN Cutting) 76x38mm 80x45mm 80x45mm 120x58mm
T Section Blades 38x6mm 40x5mm 80x9mm 80x9mm
Special V-Notching Tooling n/a 100x100x8mm 100x100x10mm 100x100x10mm
V-bending Press Brake Bar Bend Max. n/a 100x12mm 100x12mm 250x12mm
Sheet Bend Max. n/a n/a n/a 500x3mm
Punching on Notcher Throat Dept n/a 85mm 110mm 125mm
Max. Capacity n/a 18x12mm 20x12mm 38x8mm
Motor Power 3kw(4.08hp) 4kw(5.44hp) 4kw(5.44hp) 5.5kw(7.48hp)
Mahine Size(LxWxH) 1110x800x1520mm 1430x950x1680mm 1520x950x1780mm 1500x950x1880mm
Appro. Weight 580kg 1165kg 1440kg 1520kg
Power(Pressure) 40T 45T 60T 55T
Model  IWT65 IWT85 IWT115 IWT175
Diameter x max.Thickness  26x20mm 33x20mm 34x26mm 40x32mm
Diameter x Thickness  57x10mm 57x12mm 55x16mm 57x22mm
Max.diamterxThickness 110x3mm 110x4mm 110x5mm 125x5mm
Stroke 55mm 80mm 80mm 80mm
Stroke Count in(20mm) 25 25 25 22
Throat Depth 305mm 355mm 355mm 625mm
Working Height 1030mm 1080mm 1110mm 1130mm
Steel Bar Shearing
Round/Square 45/45mm 50/50mm 55/50mm 60/55mm
Angle Shearing
Angle Section(90°) 120x120x12mm 150x150x15mm 150x150x16mm 200x200x20mm
Angle Section(45°) 70x10mm 80x8mm 80x10mm 80x10mm
Working Height 1140mm 1200mm 1215mm 1130mm
Sheet Metal Shear
Sheet Metal 300x20mm 380x20mm 380x25mm 380x30mm
Sheet Metal 375x15mm 480x15mm 600x15mm 600x20mm
Blade Length 380mm 482mm 610mm 610mm
Shearing with Angle 100x15mm 120x15mm 120x15mm 120x15mm
Working Height 900mm 940mm 935mm 910mm
Thickness 10mm 13mm 13mm 16mm
Width 45mm 52mm 60mm 60mm
Depth 90mm 100mm 100mm 100mm
Working Height 900mm 940mm 935mm 910mm
Optional Tools
U-I Sectopm Blade(for UPN-IPN Cutting) 120x58mm 160x74mm 200x90mm 300x125mm
T Section Blades 90x11mm 100x11mm 120x13mm 150x15mm
Special V-Notching Tooling 100x100x10mm 100x100x13mm 100x100x13mm 100x100x16mm
V-bending Press Brake 250x15mm 250x20mm 250x22mm 250x25mm
500x3mm 500x4mm 700x3mm 700x4mm
Punching on Notcher 125mm 125mm 125mm 125mm
38x8mm 38x10mm 38x12mm 38x13mm
Motor Power 5.5kw(7.48hp) 7.5kw(10.2hp) 11kw(14.96hp) 11kw(14.96hp)
Mahine Size(LxWxH) 1700x950x1880mm 1920x950x2040mm 2040x950x2180mm 2730x1150x2280mm
Appro. Weight 1600kg 2315kg 2920kg 6000kg
Power(Pressure) 65T 85T 115T 175T


• 2 Separate Hydraulic Piston and Foot Pedals to Allow 2 Operators to Work at the Same Time.(IWT55/65/85/115/175 only)

• One Hydraulic Piston,5 Work Station.(IWT45/60 only)

• One Hydraulic Piston,4 Work Station,No Notching Station.(IWT40 only)

• More Productivity with Adjustable Piston Stroke Distance

• Central Lubrication System

• Electrical Back Gauge(IWT55/65/85/115/175   only)

• Working Light(IWT55/65/85/115/175 only)

Standard Blade Sets

• Flate

• Angles

• Round/Square

• Notching


• Punch and Dies Sets

• Various Other Attachments

• NC Auto Feed (ITW115 only)

Optional Blade Sets

• IPN Blade

• T Profile Blade

• UPN Channel Blade

• V Notching Blade

• Press Brake Kit

• U Punching Tool


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