Table Swivel ±45º (U40S & U40SLT).

Heavy Construction for Rigidity.

Full Lubrication System.

Hardened Guideways.

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• Three Bearing Spindle.

• Pendant Controls.

Model U40  U40S U40SLT
Working Surface 1320x320mm 1320x360mm 1650x360mm
T-Slots,Number and Size 5/14mm 3/14mm 3/14mm
T-Slots Centres 63mm 95mm 95mm
Longitudinal Travel 800mm 1000mm 1300mm
Cross Travel 300mm 300mm 300mm
Vertical Travel 400mm 400mm 400mm
Load Capacity 300kg 300kg 300kg
Table  Swivel  Degree None 35° 35°
Spindle (Vertical)
Spindle Taper ISO40 ISO40 ISO40
Number of Speeds 12 12 12
Speed Range 58-1800rpm 58-1800rpm 58-1800rpm
Spindle Centre to Column 175mm 175mm 175mm
Spindle to Table 0-400mm 0-341mm 0-400mm
Spindle (Horizontal)
Spindle Taper ISO50 ISO50 ISO50
Number of Speeds 12 12 12
Speed Range 58-1800rpm 58-1800rpm 58-1800rpm
Spindle to Table 400mm 400mm 400mm
Feed Rates
Number of Feeds 8 8 8
Longitudinal 20-360mm/min 22-420mm/min 22-420mm/min
Cross 20-360mm/min 22-393mm/min 22-393mm/min
Vertical 400mm/min 10-168mm/min 10-168mm/min
Rapids Longitudinal 1200mm/min 1290mm/min 1290mm/min
Rapid Cross 1200mm/min 1205mm/min 1205mm/min
Rapid Vertical 400mm/min 513mm/min 513mm/min
Spindle Drive Motor 4kw(5.44hp) 4kw(5.44hp) 4kw(5.44hp)
Feed Motor 0.55kw(0.75hp) 1.1kw(1.5hp) 1.1kw(1.5hp)
Coolant Motor 0.09kw(0.12hp) 0.09kw(0.12hp) 0.09kw(0.12hp)
Weight and Dimensions
Dimensions (L x W x D) 1900x1720x1750mm 2070x2050x1950mm 2370x2025x2020mm
Net Weight 2100kg 2200kg 2300kg


• 3 Axis Digital Readout

• 3 Axis Power Feed 

• Horizontal Arbor Support

• Work Lamp

• Coolant System

• Table Guard

• Manual & Parts List

• Toolbox


• Standard Swivel Base Vice

• Super Open Milling Vice

• Clamp Kit

• Dividing Head

• Rotary Table

• Dividing Plates

• Drill Chuck

• 3 Jaw Chuck for Dividing Head

• Milling Collet Chuck Set

• Boring Head

• Reducing sleeve Set

• Combination Shell End Mill Arbors

• Long Milling Arbors

• Angle Plate


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