The ZB-32 offers an easy way to achieve drill point accuracy. The one machine which grinds conventional and many specialized drill points. Set up in a few seconds.

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• Optional Air bearing has a hard chromed spindle for long life, standard 5C collets.

• The tooth rest finger is easily adjustable by turning a knurled knob on either end of   the tooth rest bracket.

• “Clearance angle collar” marks angular setting easy-swivels universally for radial relief sharpening.

• Optional Air bearing fixture is precision honed and capable of grinding to tight tolerances.

• Tools sharpened on an air bearing fixture cut smoother, the spindle floats on friction  “finger sensitive” control for sharpening end mills as small as 2mm, sharpens all over-periphery, end teeth, notches, flute faces.

• Air bearing fixture is easily mounted to ZB-32A grinder.

• Cutting tool capacity – Ø42mm shank, 250mm flute length.  

Drill Size Ø3~Ø32mm
Point Angle 40º~180º
Clearance Angle 0º~18º
Work head Tilting Angle 0º~20º
Brake Motor 0.38kw (0.5hp)
Grinding Wheels Ø180x20xØ31.75mm
Dish Wheels Ø165x21xØ31.75mm
X Stroke 150mm
Y Stroke 140mm
Net Weight 120kg
Dimensions 820x790x1370mm



• Flood Coolant System. (Increases wheel life and prevents burning of drill.) 

• Diamond Wheels for Carbide Drills. 

• C.B.N. Wheels (one side chamfer) for Point Grinding & Point Splitting.

• Wheel Balancer & Arbor 

• Cam for Sheet Metal Point Drills  

• Extra Grinding Wheel Flange for Cup Wheel.

• Cup Grinding Wheel

• Cam for Left Hand Drills

• Cam for Sheet Metal Point Drills

• Radial Relief Attachment

Also available with motorised head

OPTIONAL The radial relief attachment is especially designed for quick and accurate grinding of body reliefs of end mills as well as cutters and drills.


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