Simple to operate. Unskilled operators can quickly learn to produce perfect drill points. Set up and grinding is fast and the web can be thinned in a few seconds.

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Accurate. Rugged construction and precision components ensure accuracy and repeatability over many years. Heavy duty compound slides and one-piece cast iron base increase rigidity and minimise vibration. The workhead incorporates precision needle roller and thrust bearings, while the main chuck spindle utilises a rotalin bearing giving less than 0.005 mm deflection. The six-jaw chuck accurately centres the drill to ensure each cutting lip is equally ground for both length and angle to develop a precision point.

Versatile. A wide range of points can be ground: Right-hand and left-hand drills with point angles between 40o and 180o, standard, centre drills, carbide drills, step and subland drills, taps and reamers. Also a number of NC self-centre points can be ground, including split, four-facet and spiral. Cutting lips can also be corrected.


Drill Size  (Ø3-Ø50mm) straight or taper shank (1,2,3,4,5,6 flute) Ø4mm-Ø80mm(1,2,3,4,5,6 flute)
Point Angles 40º-180º 40º-180º
Clearance angle 0º-18º 0º-18º
Motor 0.38kw(0.5hp) single or 3 phase totally enclosed fan cooled 1.13kw(1.5hp)
Grinding Wheels Main wheel 7” x 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” Main wheel(180mm x 50mm x 31.75mm)
(180mm x 32mm x 31.75mm)
Point thinning dish wheel Point thinning dish wheel
6 5/8”x7/8”x1 1/4”
(165mm x 21mm x 31.75mm) (165mm x 21mm x 31.75mm)
Grinding the End of End Mills 2,3,4,6,12 flute 2,3,4,6,12 flute
X Stroke 240mm
Y Stroke 180mm
Net Weight 300kg 380kg
Dimensions  970mm x 910mm x1370mm 1090mm x 1120mm x 1370mm


• 6 Jaw Self-Centering Chuck.

• Grinding Wheel (recessed one side)

• “Dish” Grinding Wheel for Point Thinning.

• Grinding Wheel Flange and Balancing Weight.

• Two Grinding Wheel Diamond Dressers (one angle dresser and one straight).

• No. 1,2,3,4 Morse Taper Sleeve for ZB50

• No. 2,3,4,5,6 M.T Sleeve for ZB80

• Cam No.4 for Point Angle (40º-180º)

• Cam No.6 for Step Drill

• Cam No.8 for 4 Flute Taps or Reamers

• A.C. Motor.

• Tools for General use.

• Service/Instruction Manual. 

• Work Light (12 Volts)


• Flood Coolant System. (Increases wheel life and prevents burning of drill)

• Silicon Carbide and Diamond Wheels for Carbide Drills.

• Radial Relief Attachment. Relieves Radius of Pilot to Produce Lands. Also for  Sharpening End Mills

• Wheel Balancer & Arbor

• Auto Feed Mechanism (pre-setting feeding quantity)

• Powered Work head for Automatic Rotation & Cam Action (rpm 0-58 step less) 

• Extra Grinding Wheel Flange for Cup Wheel

• Cup Grinding Wheel

• Cam for Left Hand Drills

• Cam for Spiral Point Drills

• Cam for Sheet metal Point Drills

• Cam for 1 Flute Grinding

• Cam for 3 Flute Grinding

• Cam for 5 Flute Grinding

• Cam for 6 Flute Grinding


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