Servo motor with TBI ballscrew for X&Z axis feeding, sample structure with more stable function.

High grade cast iron structure for super stability, reliability & longer machine life.

Centralized operation button panel.

Worktable table with manual 4-jaw chuck with chucking jaws.

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• Square toolpost on vertical heads, especially suitable for deep hole machining

• High precision bearings in table speed change gearbox 

• Forged shafts used in the table speed change gear box

• High precision gears in table speed change gearbox (Class 6) for smooth running & less machine noise

• Manual centralized compulsory lubrication system

• High reliable ABB electrics 

• High quality hydraulic valves for reliable functioning

• Planetary gearbox for ballscrew

• High accurate & heavy load spindle bearings (P5 class)

• Quenched, tempered & ground guideways on ram

• Reliable hydraulic power pack unit, easier for adjustment & maintenance

• Hydrostatic working table with constant flow hydraulic power supply

• Hydraulic clamping of cross beam on the column for heavy duty cutting

• Ram made of high grade cast iron for better dynamic performance & longer life

• Wear-resistant industrial material coating on the travelling guideways and wear-resistant Zinc-Aluminum alloy strips engraved in the table guideways for longer machine life

• Reliable PLC control (OMRON-Japan) integrated in the electrical system for easier control

• Affluent safety & protection setting-ups & interlocks are integrated with the machine, etc.

Model VB1250-S VB1600-S VB2000-S VB2300-S VB2600-S
Max. Vertical Turret Cutting Diameter 1250mm 1600mm 2000mm 2300mm 2600mm
Max. Side turret Cutting Diameter (Optional)  1100mm 1400mm 1800mm 2000mm 2400mm
Diameter of Worktable 1000mm 1400mm 1800mm 2000mm 2250mm
Max. Height of Workpiece 1000mm 1200mm 1250mm 1400mm 1600mm
Max. Weight of Workpiece 3ton 5ton 8ton 8ton 10ton
Speed Range  2-200r/min 5-160r/min 3.2-100r/min 3.2-100r/min 2-63r/min
Number of Speeds 16step 16step 16step 16step 16step
Vertical/Side Turret Feeding Range 0.8-86mm/min 0.8-86mm/min 0.8-86mm/min 0.8-86mm/min 0.8-86mm/min
Vertical Turret Traverse- Horizontal 700mm 915mm 1115mm 1200mm 1500mm
Vertical Turret Traverse – Vertical 650mm 800mm 800mm 800mm 1000mm
Side Turret Traverse – Horizontal (Optional)  630mm 630mm 630mm 630mm 630mm
Side Turret Traverse – Vertical (Optional) 900mm 900mm 900mm 900mm 900mm
Cross Rail Traverse 650mm 650mm 890mm 1050mm 1240mm
Power of Main Motor 22kw (29.48hp) 22kw (29.48hp) 22kw (29.48hp) 30kw (40.20hp) 30kw (40.20hp)


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